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Family Industrial lubricants Synthetic ester based water-miscible coolant

Synthetic ester based water-miscible coolant

Water-miscible coolants used for cutting and milling, ester-based and free from mineral oil.

Prodotto ECO
Family: Industrial lubricants
Type: Synthetic ester based water-miscible coolant

It is a coolant based on synthetic esters of vegetable origin, of the highest quality, emulsifiable, cutting and grinding, of new formulation, prepared according to the most recent acquisitions of modern technology to meet the most advanced requests of workshops for mechanical processing. In particular, an innovative, advanced and exclusive bio-stabilization system has been adopted, which makes the TORMA BIO 1 FB, at the recommended use concentrations, highly resistant to microbiological attack. It is particularly suitable for machining steel and ferrous materials. It is totally free from: -mineral oil; -bactericides of any nature; - formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors in particular; -Boron and boric compounds; - Chlorine and derivatives; - secondary amines and their derivatives. It provides: -a very high degree of tolerability for operators thanks to the absence of bactericides; -high stability of the emulsions, thanks to an innovative and exclusive formulation system; - an excellent level of surface finish of the pieces and tool life even at low concentrations; - reduction of the fumes being processed; - very effective anti-rust protection; - excellent resistance to foaming, at normal use concentrations, even with extremely fresh water; The fresh emulsion is clear, translucent, opalescent and is concentrated during use.