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Family Industrial lubricants Water-miscible quenching oil

Water-miscible quenching oil

Fluids consisting of aqueous concentrated solutions for the heat treatment of ferrous alloys at different dilutions.

Family: Industrial lubricants
Type: Water-miscible quenching oil

It is a fluid formed by a concentrated aqueous solution of polyalkylene glycol, free from nitrite, in mixture with anticorrosive additives, antirust, stabilizers and biocides, formulated especially for the hardening of ferrous alloys. QUENCH FLUID 4536 is characterized by a wide flexibility of use, being able to be used at different concentrations in water, with different tempra speeds. Properties: -maximum degree of safety, as it avoids the risk of fire and the formation of fumes and oily mists in the environment; -excellent stability of aqueous solutions in a wide concentration range; -excellent antirust properties thanks to the balanced and selected system of raw materials and components selection; -very cleaned treated pieces; -reduction of stress and distortions of treated materials, thanks to the control of the cooling speed in the most critical phases of the quenching process.