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Family Industrial lubricants Evaporable base corrosion preventive

Evaporable base corrosion preventive

Fluids that after the evaporation of the solvent leave a protective film for the maintenance and conservation of metal surfaces.

Family: Industrial lubricants
Type: Evaporable base corrosion preventive

It is a protective liquid, with a very moderate odor, which after the evaporation of the solvent leaves a thin oily film on the treated surfaces. It is clear, amber. It is obtained from a particularly refined hydrocarbon distillate, with an exclusive and particularly effective combination of highly active corrosion inhibitors, which perform a synergistic action between them. It is free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It has the following properties: - Excellent anticorrosive properties of protection against rust. - It is effective in removing any presence of water from the treated surfaces - Leaves a thin, soft film on metal surfaces that gives a protection of the highest quality level, - Maintains its performance characteristics over time. Removal is not usually necessary, but can still be easily done with an alkaline wash.