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Family Neat cutting oils Biodegradable-based neat drawing oil

Biodegradable-based neat drawing oil

Lubricating oils for molding, deformation and shearing, based on biodegradable, synthetic and / or natural esters.

Prodotto ECO
Family: Neat cutting oils
Type: Biodegradable-based neat drawing oil

It is a neat coolant, free from mineral oil, formulated for chip removal operations of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It is formulated with the latest generation raw materials, consisting of biodegradable, synthetic and natural esters refined with an exclusive method, mixed with antioxidant, anti-rust additives and metal passivators. It ensures: - absence of fumes and vapors during processing and reduced tendency for the formation of mists, in particular in the presence of high pressures of the oil jets or high rotation speeds of the spindles; - a high flash point for operations in absolute safety; - excellent smoothness even at low temperatures and exceptional wetting power; - good greasing, EP and lubricating-release power for quality finishes; - excellent resistance to oxidation and rust and passivation of non-ferrous alloys; - good anti-wear power; - low temperature of the machined pieces; - well crushed and chopped waste; - good anti-welding cutting power; -high biodegradability; - maximum tolerability by the operators. The product is free from chlorinated and / or sulfur compounds and does not contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).