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Family Industrial lubricants Synthetic water-miscible coolant

Synthetic water-miscible coolant

Oil-free coolants that, mixed in water, give perfect transparent solutions.

Family: Industrial lubricants
Type: Synthetic water-miscible coolant

It is a watermiscible synthetic coolant that creates transparent solutions lightly amber. It is specific for cutting, grinding and removal mechanical processes both for ferrous metals and aluminum alloys, included those with low silicon content. The product is also compatible with yellow alloy process. TORMA BIOCHEM is fully synthetic, free from mineral and vegetable oil, chlorine, boron and its derivates (bactericidal donors of formaldehyde, secondary ammines). It has a light odor and an excellent level of tollerability for the operators. It is possible having a clear vision of the product in process thanks to its transparent property. It is very detergent, clean and resistant to sludge, residues and encrustations formation. TORMA BIOCHEM is also characterized by: - Excellent lubricating power due to its additives and synthetic properties; - High detergent power for tool machines and workload; - High level of resistance against bacterial and fungal contamination; - Excelent e.p. and antiwear power; - Antifoam; - No presence of residues and stains on yellow alloy process; - Excellent stability and performance duration; - High demulsive per; - Low operation costs, the solution tend to be concentrated during the process with low concentration refills; - Excellent scrap decantation and grinding dust power. The properties mentioned assure excellent finishing product and tool life in a clean and comfortable working environment.