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Family Industrial lubricants Biodegradable-based lubricating oil

Biodegradable-based lubricating oil

Lubricating oils based on natural and / or synthetic biodegradable esters.

Prodotto ECO
Family: Industrial lubricants
Type: Biodegradable-based lubricating oil

It is a multifunctional neat cutting and lubricating oil, with a viscosity of about 32 cSt at 40 ° C, formulated to satisfy the need to reunite in a single product the typical properties of an oil for the disposable lubrication of guides and slides. of multi-spindle machine tools and a cutting oil. It is formulated with the latest generation raw materials, consisting of synthetic biodegradable esters, mixed with antioxidant, anti-rust additives and metal passivators. It has the following properties: - absence of fumes and vapors in processing; - good anti-wear power; - high flash point for operations in absolute safety; - excellent smoothness even at low temperatures and exceptional wetting power, whereby the oil is dispersed on the metal surface quickly and uniformly; - excellent greasing, EP and lubricating-release power for quality finishes; - excellent resistance to oxidation and rust and passivation of non-ferrous alloys; - low temperature of the machined pieces; - well crushed and chopped scrap; - excellent anti-welding power to cut it; - good biodegradability; - maximum tolerability by operators; The product is free from chlorinated and / or sulfur compounds and does not contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).