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Family Industrial lubricants Stationary gas engines oil

Stationary gas engines oil

Lubricating oils for stationary engines, cogenerators or tri-generators, operating on natural gas or biogas.

Family: Industrial lubricants
Type: Stationary gas engines oil

It is a highly innovative lubricating oil for stationary engines, with a low concentration of ashes, of unigrade type, of high performance, formulated from high-tech mineral-based oils and an advanced balanced system of additives. It is particularly designed for new engines operating on landfill gas (LFG: landfill gas) and biogas (from digesters). Features: - the ability to effectively limit the fall of the Basic Number (T.B.N.) and of i-pH levels, in particular where landfill gas is used, to neutralize the acids present; - an excellent and superior resistance to oxidation and nitration and to thermal-oxidative decay; - an exceptional anti-wear and detergent power of the engine and in particular of the cylinders, the pistons, the elastic bands of the valves and the spark plugs; - a low level of Phosphorus, for a long life of the catalytic muffler; - prolonged replacement intervals, compared to other oils; - a minimum consumption of oil. Thanks to the high guaranteed performance level of THG OILEXTRA SAE 40, the engine lasts longer.