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Family Industrial lubricants Spindle Oil

Spindle Oil

They are special lubricants, very fluid, intended for the lubrication and cooling of very fast bearings and with very low tolerances of the spindle bearings of machine tools, but also of all high-speed bearings (such as the spindles of the textile industry).They are also used in hydraulic systems, compatibly with the low viscosities foreseen for this special category of products.Above all, they have a strong anti-wear power and a strong resistance to oxidation, in the absence of ashes.

Family: Industrial lubricants
Type: Spindle Oil

It is a highly performance product, ashless type (without ash), with an extremely low viscosity, indicated mainly for the lubrication of high speed spindles of machine tools. It is made up: - a highly refined and selected hydrocarbon fluid based on normal-paraffins and iso-paraffins with a very high degree of purity; - additives with anti-wear, antioxidant, anti-rust, anti-foam and "air release" properties of the highest quality, free of zinc, "ashless" type. Presented by: - maximum level of anti-wear power over time, of the ash-free type, for extremely prolonged service life; - exceptional resistance to oxidation, thermal decay, hydrolysis and aging of the oil, obtained through the qualitative selection of both the hydrocarbon base and the additives used, to help minimize the formation of deposits; - excellent anti-foaming power, air release ("air release") and water demulsibility; - excellent antirust and anticorrosive power of the mechanical parts, to improve the life of the machinery and provide greater accuracy in the long term.