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Family Automotive Mineral base transmission oil

Mineral base transmission oil

Particularly selected paraffinic mineral-base oils.

Family: Automotive
Type: Mineral base transmission oil

It is a complex fluid, designed for power steering, automatic transmission gears, hydraulic clutches and oil couplings. Features: - outstanding lubrication in a very wide operating temperature range; - no cold starting problems; - friction minimization. In fact, it has very special friction properties, in addition to being particularly smooth and flowing easily, and possessing, a very high viscosity index, which allows this fluid to be used at the highest temperatures; - top functional stability over a long time period. In fact, it is extremely resistant to oxidation and foaming. Also, thanks to its high detergent and dispersant property, it prevents the formation of sludge and varnish and ensures a perfect compatibility with all elastomeric and synthetic gaskets. - gear and automatic mechanisms protection against wear and tear. - exceptional anti-wear and anticorrosion properties for an efficient and regular functioning of automatic transmission over a long time period.